We fall in love with character first.

And industry gatekeepers want to acquire projects with characters that shine. But how do you make your characters ring true? What makes them feel like real, actual people instead of cardboard stereotypes?

This course dives deeper into character, including how to use your understanding of self to fully realize every character in your story. You'll get specific tools you can use over and over for every future story you write.

Taught by Joyce Sweeney,

Acquiring Agent with the Seymour Agency

Joyce worked as a writing teacher and coach for twenty-five years. During that time, she guided over sixty of her students to traditional publishing contracts, which earned them her ‘magic bean’ award. In 2020, Joyce got the opportunity to take mentoring to the next level and joined The Seymour Agency. She specializes in picture books and middle grade novels, both fiction and non-fiction.